Dirk HofmannCo-founder and partner, Berlin/Munich

Dirk is a veteran in the consumer electronics industry having acted in various product, marketing, and strategy roles at Siemens, BenQ, Nokia, and Deutsche Telekom.
He has implemented corporate-wide, customer-centric innovation programs including world-wide customer panels, Think Tanks and Trend Research Networks. At Nokia, he was in charge of setting up and leading the company-wide, 60+ MEUR Consumer Data & Interaction Program as part of Nokia’s digital strategy in late 2000’s.
Currently Dirk works with companies such as Volkswagen, Lufthansa, Red Bull, Siemens, and many others in the area of digital transformation, business model disruption and innovation management. He defines and drives their transformation effort and implementation programs. Digital transformation, Internet of Things and Big Data have been on Dirk’s agenda far before they became buzzwords. Dirk has a MA in Media Science, Psychology and Economics from the Ludwig Maximillian University in Munich.