Heeren SharmaSenior Data Engineer

Heeren holds a Masters of Science in Computer Science from the Technical University of Munich (TUM). During his Masters thesis, he was inspired to explore and develop data-centric products and the game changer came when he applied his knowledge to industry.

Heeren has worked in several industries ranging from computer networking, airline IT to news media and search engines. For the past 5 years, Heeren has been developing the products and services which are oriented towards streaming data pipelines (specially for News Search), inference engines and fast responsive systems. Heeren has developed a keen interest in holistic data oriented roles with a nice blend of engineering and machine learning. 

As an ardent learner and problem-solver by nature, Heeren is particularly interested in Information Retrieval, NLP and scalable data architectures. Heeren has a fast paced attitude and enjoys participating in various hackathons. Heeren is a true believer of resourcefulness in every human being and is currently developing a coaching attitude to help understand clients better and generate greater impact in on-going projects. In his free time, Heeren likes to dance Forró and sing in his rock band.