This privacy policy explains how we process your data as you apply for a job at DAIN Studios.

During the course of the process, we may collect the following types of data about you:

  • your name and contact details such as street address, telephone number, email address;
  • your skills, experience and education, coming either from the documentation you provide us such as your resume, or from our discussions during the recruitment, or third party references;
  • your preferences, e.g. preferred country of employment, areas of interest

Your data will be processed only for the purposes of the recruitment process, with only people participating in this process having access to the data. We treat the data in a secure manner, with appropriate user access controls in place. DAIN Studios will never share your data with a third party.

We will only store the data for as long as needed. After a maximum of twelve months, starting from the date of your application, we will delete the details regarding your application, unless you have given us consent to keep it for a longer period eg. to match with future open positions.

If you have further questions about the processing of data or your rights, please contact our privacy officer Saara Hyvönen.

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